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Ikebana   IKEBANA

ikebana - natural form - available in small, medium, and large sizes

small - approx. 3" x 4"

medium - approx. 5" x 6"

large - approx. 7" x 8"

Ikebana (生け花, Ikebana "arranged flower" is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, also known as kadō (華道, kadō the "way of flowers").

In contrast to the massing of blooms typical of flower arrangement in western countries, Japanese flower arrangement is based on the line of twigs and/or leaves, filled in with a small number of blooms. The container is also a key element of the composition. The structure of a Japanese flower arrangement is based on a scalene triangle delineated by three main points, usually twigs, considered in some schools to symbolize heaven, earth and man, in others sun moon and earth.